Introduction to TNR videos

See the process of trap-neuter-return

No matter how much you might read, TNR always seems like it happens on another planet!

Neighborhood Cats put together an excellent 30-minute video called How to Perform a Mass Trapping. It’s a little slow at some points, but it steps you through every single piece of the TNR process.

Let’s be honest here: I’m trying to throw this together because I gotta run to Cat Camp in like twenty minutes. At the moment the only other video that has stuck in my mind is this random video on YouTube that really showed me how scared cats can be when they first get caught into a trap, and how drop traps/transferring out of drop traps works.

Now, that video definitely is not a perfect example of how to trap a cat or treat a cat that’s in a trap, but it’s probably a pretty solid worse case scenario if you’re never trapped before and forget your trap sheet or something.