TNR Mentorship

Trapping a cat is a scary thought if you've never done it before!

You might feel that traps are terrifying metal cages, full of impossible-to-set-up tripwires and sharp edges and loud slam-shut sounds. Or that cats are tiny gentle scared angels you don’t want to hurt, or ferocious beasts, full of claws and fur and panic. Or that the whole process of TNR - withholding food, holding, transport, releasing, and probably a million steps you forgot - is a little overwhelming.

That’s… completely understandable. Before you’ve done it a few times, TNR is more of a theory than something you really understand how to do.

To help folks who are certified feel more comfortable trapping on their own, we aim to start a TNR mentorship program where trappers with at least a bit of experience are teamed up with newbies to the process.

The mentee rides along on a trapping trip with the mentor, experiencing first-hand things like:

  • How to set up a trap
  • How to wait and wait and wait
  • How to safely cover and retrieve the cat
  • That neither the traps nor the cats will explode, I promise, it’s all going to be okay.

This is not a program for someone to come trap your cats while you watch - you (the person being mentored) be participating in the mentor’s trapping, lending them another set of hands in exchange for the experience. Hopefully afterward you’ll feel comfortable heading out to trap the cats you got certified about.

Interesting in being a mentor, or tailing someone on one of their TNR outings? We’d love to chat! Get in touch at to see if you can help.