Cat Reporter

Easily log and track reports of cats via phone or web

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One of the toughest parts of being a public-facing organization is dealing with the public. You’re bombarded by emails and phone calls - whether it’s sightings of random cats on the street, kittens, trapped or wounded animals - you love being involved, but sometimes it’s just too much!

Cat Reporter is a system for tracking and logging cat- and colony-related information, useful for everything from acting on to sharing between different organizations. When someone contacts you, send them to a convenient web- or phone-based system to that asks all the “right” questions - no need to go through a long email or phone conversation!

Have more time for TNR

No more fielding dozens of emails or follow-up phone calls, Cat Reporters does the boring stuff so you can do the hard work.

Ask all the right questions

Don't feel like you're ignoring the important cases! Cat Reporter keeps an eye out for higher-risk situations like nursing moms or injured cats and notifies you immediately.

Phone option

An easy-to-use interactive phone tree for those who don't like the high-tech, web-based alternative. Also a great number to add on flyers!

Teaches while it questions

No more explaining what eat tipping is, or the dangers of removing kittens without figuring out the whole situation. Every question comes with

A handy map for later reference

Looking to do some hot-spot TNR in the future? You'll have a dedicated database of where your best options are.

Contact information at the ready

For those times when you had an extra spot at the vet and need to dash out to grab another furry friend.

Want to help us test Cat Reporter?