Cat Republic

Cat Republic

Whether you feed the strays on the corner, 💖 cat pics on Instagram, or run a trap-neuter-return operation, Cat Republic is here to help.

Keep in the loop

We'll let you know when we create fun new stuff. How-to guides, community materials, TNR tools, showtunes, furniture, etc.

Resources for TNR groups

Most trap-neuter-return groups are only a handful of friends, not huge organizations. Cat Republic can take some of the weight off your shoulders!

A Guide to Creating a TNR Non-Profit in New York State

A simple walkthrough for turning your group into a state- and federally-recognized nonprofit organization.

Becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization opens the door to all sorts of grants and tax-deductible gifts. And it isn't as hard as you'd think!

Read the guide

Cat Reporter

A web- and phone-based system for logging cat sightings.

Being a public-facing TNR organization means dealing with a lot of "cat reports." Cat Reporter is a centralized system to track and share this information without sharing a thousand emails with well-meaning strangers.

Check out Cat Reporter

Multilingual Outreach Materials

Broaden your reach to non-English-speaking communities.

49% of New Yorkers don't speak English at home, and these neighborhoods are also often most in need of TNR outreach. Cross the language barrier with our multilingual materials.

Visit the multilingual material library

For the rest of us

Because we can't all run a trap-neuter-return operation!

A video guide to TNR

Learn the basics of trap-neuter-return.

Want to virtually dip your toes into cat rescue before getting certified? This is for you!

Check out the TNR video guide

NYC TNR Mentorship Program

You don't have to take your first steps alone.

Trapping your first cat can be intimidating! Nothing's better than riding along with an experienced trapper on one of their own projects - they get a little help, you get some first-hand experience.

Read more about TNR mentorship

About Cat Republic

Time to solve the deepest darkest mystery

Everyone I talk to about TNR or cat rescue seems to have a story about a bad experience with someone in the cat community. Whether it's getting yelled at or being ignored or whatever else, it usually turns them off from getting involved or adopting a cat. Which totally sucks!

It kind of makes sense that it could happen, though. Rescue folks can end up with a short fuse after seeing the tragic things that happen to cats, and we have a lot on our plates so we might not be able to respond to every single "oh I saw a cat somewhere once!" email that we get. We're stretched thin as it is!

So I was thinking hey, why don't I try to make it easier for the TNR and rescue groups to do their thing? I live in a tiny apartment and don't have a driver's license, so my TNR abilities are kind of limited... but what I can do is organize the heck out of the TNR world so everyone can just focus on what they're good at!

Cat Republic exists to remove barriers to TNR and cat rescue.

  • Scared to trap your first cat? Hop into mentorship and ride-alongs to see TNR first-hand.
  • Can't deal with every email or phone call? No problem, use Cat Reporter.
  • Spending too much money? Well I can't solve that problem, but I can certainly tell you how to make a non-profit.
  • Language barriers? Use our multilingual materials.

And, I don't know, whatever else we can think of.

If you have ideas reach out at