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We help street cats! Whether they’re friendly 😻 or feral 🦁, we’re lending a hand 💖

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What we do

Unfriendly cats 🦁

Some street cats are just wild animals!

Many street cats have lived outside all their lives, and are just as wild as squirrels. Since they could never live indoors, we trap them and get them vaccinated and neutered. Then we let them back out! Since they're spayed/neutered, the female cats stop having kittens and the male cats stop fighting and spraying urine to mark territory.

This process is called Trap-Neuter-Return, and is officially endorsed by the city of New York.

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Friendly cats 😻

We also trap “friendlies” and find them homes.

If kittens are young enough, under around 8 weeks, even if they're scared and love to hiss they can be trapped and learn to love people. Older cats that aren't friendly do best outside after going through the TNR process.

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Neighborhoods we service

We're located in Sunset Park and Kensington.

We do most of our rescuing in the southern parts of Brooklyn: Borough Park, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Midwood, and sometimes down in Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and Marine Park. Happy to help up in Park Slope, Gowanus and all that, too. Further away is more difficult, but feel free to ask and we might be able to connect you with an organization or two in your area.

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Want to help a cat in need?

Adopting cats

Looking to adopt?

Check out our Instagram or Facebook for the first look at new cats as they come in, or our Petfinder profile when they're finally up for adoption. Sometimes they get adopted right off of social media, though, so it might be worth following us!

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Fostering cats and kittens

Not able to take a cat for the long haul, but interested in temporarily giving one a home?

Let us know! All sorts of cats need to be fostered, from cats that are still looking for a home to hissy kittens that need special socialization time with humans. You can fill out our fostering form here, or more details read our fostering guide.

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Asking for help

While we're a small organization with limited resources, if we can't help we'll direct you to an organization that can!

Feel free to drop us an email at, give us a phone call at 929-359-3765, or message us on Instagram or Facebook.

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Help us help cats

Cats eat a lot and medicine costs a lot.

Cats eat food every day. Cats cost money to fix, money for vax, esp bc kitten season. Here's our donation things, here's our Amazon wishlist.

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Resources for rescue groups

Helping the helpers

A Guide to Creating a TNR Non-Profit in New York State

A simple walkthrough for turning your group into a state- and federally-recognized nonprofit organization.

Becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization opens the door to all sorts of grants and tax-deductible gifts. And it isn't as hard as you'd think!

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Multilingual Outreach Materials

Broaden your reach to non-English-speaking communities.

49% of New Yorkers don't speak English at home, and these neighborhoods are also often most in need of TNR outreach. Cross the language barrier with our multilingual materials.

Visit the multilingual materials library