Fostering cats or kittens

Temporary homes for cats in need

What is fostering?

It would be great if every cat could find a home immediately, but sometimes it takes a while! And unfortunately we don’t have a physical space: all of our adoptable cats live in our network of volunteers’ homes until they get adopted.

Foster cats live in your apartment: we provide a litter box along with starter litter and food, and you provide the affection! Fostering can happen for a set amount of time, or until the cat is adopted. It’s usually between a few weeks to a couple months.

A good summary of what it means to foster (and why you might want to) can be found on the Petfinder page What Does It Mean to Foster a Cat?.

If you’d like to open up your home to our of our cats, you can fill out our fostering application and we’ll be sure to reach out.

Fostering and socializing kittens

A special fostering case is socializing kittens. Many times we have kittens that were scooped up from the street. Since they haven’t spend a lot of time around humans, they might be a little skittish!

You’ll need to give them some extra attention, but if you use a few tricks you’ll turn those hissy babies into sweet little things in no time.

If you’re socializing kittens, we’ll also provide a small playpen that you can keep them in, along with a kitten-sized litterbox. That way they don’t roam your apartment hiding in nooks and crannies, and you can have a nice controlled environment to interact with them in.

If you’re interesting in fostering or socializing kittens, be sure to check the box on the application!