Adopting cats or kittens

Invite a new furry friend into your life

Thank you for your interest in giving a cat or kitten a home! If you’d like to see the cats we have available for adoption, your best bet is checking out our Instagram page. You can also check our Petfinder listings, although they’re sometimes a little out of date.

All of our cats are vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped. The adoption fee is $80 for a single cat and $120 for a pair of cats, but we’re also happy to discuss sliding scale rates.

Thanks to COVID we’ve been doing cat introductions over Zoom, which we understand can be a little tough since you don’t get to personally interact with the cat. If you’re worried about allergies or have specific hopes in terms of personality or temperament, it might be worth looking fostering first.

Please use the link below to fill out our adoption application.